Bubble theory


How life works – the bubble theory (c) Hedlerfog:

We all have bubbles, each one of us, different sizes of bubbles, various quality in the endurability of the bubble surfaces, various flexibility of the bubble formations, some hard some ve

ry adaptable/flexible – even sensitive for bursting when encounter other bubbles. Various shine and various colours and contrasts.Some people’s bubbles are edgy and pop other people’s soft bubbles and some people have expanding bubbles due to their own inner energy – air coming from their own energy, selfconfidence and self creations (art, thoughts, skills, origin, culture, background, family roots etc)..Some bubbles are so tiny or flexible that they just mix into other people’s bubbles and they are just tagging on to other peoples bubbles alltogether like they were non existing without them…while some people let their bubbles free and let them have much air between themselves and other people’s bubbles, giving them a perspective…They watch other people’s bubbles and learn but don’t really mix or change in a negative decreasing way…they just expand by watching others on their own since they take on new forms when mixed with their own creativity (air/background).Some people form double bubbles, means they form a union between eachother but still with a wall while some just gets doubled with one united surface and no wall and with expanded common volume – which means when they pop – they BOTH pop.Some have “flattire” on their bubbles and need others to patch them with their protecting walls.Some create small bubbles together eventually while some never do, it all depends on the chemistry of the both bubbles coming together by natural forces.

Keyword being natural. Forced bubble formations eventually burst, they are not built to last together. Some bubbles should always live separeted and free.
Moving from one bubble to another.

Some are very attractive and charged with powers to attract, and gleam and shine but may eventually burst….when they get old or loose their powers…while some are steady and normal and just will last as long as they wish.

Some project dreams inside of their own bubbles..and some look at those dreams and experience what they see as their own dreams…because they like them or lack their own. What kids see when they see you is your bubble – and that is what they want to play with. Not the burst stale or fixed bubble, but the bubble that is free and floating and still playful and adapts to the wind and sun and the blowing of the child.

Some bubbles are set to burst because they simply do not produce any air or too much air which cannot get supported by the suface. That is why balance is needed for all bubbles. For those who are alone and those who are formed together.

Sometimes we meet “pokers” who try to poke our bubbles because of envy which is twisted form of admiration. Sometimes a poke is just a request to form a bond between the “pokers” bubble and your own.

We all are a bubble products of our parents, friends and environments bubbles. They form us, shape us, colour us and inflate or deflate us to the balanced bubbles we hopefully are. That is why reading and travelling or good friends or a good movie may be good ways to get some power to your own bubble. Without inspiration any persons bubble eventually die. We need other people to appreciate our bubbles but the most iimportant is to to not get engulfed by other people’s bubbles and to get a skin tough enough to endure “bad” bubble pokers….and have the confidence enough to dare to get poked by the bubbles that are worth forming a relationship with – a normal or a special one. You need to select which bubble to hang out with or that bubble or gang of bubbles will eventually make you diminish or pop or be filled with the wrong gas or polluted air. Filled with the wrong gas – you will sing. Leading you to “pop”. If you rise too high – you will “pop” – because of the pressure in the higher atmosphere and your new demands on your protecting surface. When we grow up as small bubbles – people help us expand our bubbles but if we blindly believe and accept all air that is “pumped” into us with no balance…and too fast – we will “pop” or deflate – maybe not right then but later when there may be nothing or nobody to balance us – we need the tools to balance our own bubbles.

An “Olympic bubble” will get in trouble if they don’t prepare for the new pressure change once they reached the maximum of their bubble – they need other things pumping pressure once they reached their goal. Or the balance is tilted. That’s why many deflate after reaching success. The same thing happens when you damage your bubble’s air supply and what made your bubble work was the main supplier of air to keep the pressure up. It is therefore good to have a few different independent sources of energy/airs to your bubble to be able to always stay floating and balanced in case one of e the “wheels” stop working. A bubble needs a certain “bumpability” – which means it can take up more energy from other bubbles but still be OK and not burst. It will travel and see more dreams emanating from other bubbles due to that energy it picks up.

We all hate sticky bubbles – well some prey on them to get their own bubbles stronger as mentioned before but in normal healthy cases noone benefits from bubble stickyness. The sticky bubble gets to travel really little and without own control. It gains no new energies and will burst when the other host bubble burst.

Conglomerations of sticky bubbles and a HOST bubble with enormous ego (Bully bubbles) are the monsters of the bubble world. And generates bubblewars and tragic bubble accidents.

One individual bubble can escape from a bully conglomerated bubbleformation by higher altitude and faster pace. All that extra dead weight on that Bully host will make them burst eventually.

To ignore, to fly higher, faster, to focus on inner power and to nurture your own dream(ss) inside your own bubble is what will make you totally safe from other negative bubbles – formations or not. Eventually you will one day fly side by side at the same altitude to attract another bubble flying your way…..suiting YOU.

Those who help you get your air speed are your friends, they bump you in the right direction when needed, praise and mirror your shine and teach and learn something from and to you- along the way.

The little absent-minded man (draft/seed)

There was once a little man and a little wife, living in a  deep deep  forest a long long way from the town. They had been married ever since they could remember and were very happy.

The little man had just one thing to remember to keep their life happy and that was his wife’s birthday. One time a year only  and everything would continue to stay happy another year with no trouble.

One would think this was a simple task for the little man, who had such an easily made-happy wife who never asked for more. Well, it would normally be so, but this particular little man was a very absent-minded little man. He worried all year about forgetting his little dear wifes only wish to be remembered on her birthday.

In fact this was a big trouble for the little man, but he never told the little wife about it. He scratched his head often on how to be able to remember her special day and never miss it.

He had no fancy means or any automatic larms to give him a notice like people in later days. He had no staff or any town friends who spontaneously came by to talk to him and give him a reminder or asked him what he or they would present her at her birthday.

One day he was walking to collect wood in the forest so that they could make dinner with it and he was as usual thinking about the dilemma with remembering his little wife’s birthday while attending his daily choir.

Then suddenly he met an old owl, sitting on a branch, staring at him with his wise big eyes.

“Can I help you little man, you look indeed very troubled, walking  absent-mindedly and thinking about something, are you?”, the Owl asked helpfully.

The little man, looked startled up towards the owl and replied troubledly, “Oh, mr wise old  Owl, I am just thinking about how to please my wife on her next birthday and more importantly how to never forget it!”.

The Wise Owl, frowned for a little while and then lit up with his big eyes ” Oh, that is the simplest of troubles my dear little man. Here is how you should do”.

“Pick the most beautiful flowers in the forest today, then tie a flowerring and with a ribbon of red gold – ornamenting it at the top marking your wife’s birthday.  Pick carefully a flower for each thing you love about your wife and make it one for each day in a year.”

“Give your wife this flowerring tonight and ask her to put it on the wall of your bedroom so you can both see it everyday when you wake up for a new day, reminding you about her special traits you love her for”

“Everyday go to the next flower in the the flowerring and remember the thing you love about your wife that this flower is a symbol of, when you reach the read gold ribbon you know it is your wife’s birthday again!”

The little man was thrilled, and started to pick flowers all over the forest, meadows and hills. He connected each special flower in his mind and heart to the special thing he loved about his wife.

“This one is for her wisdom…this one is for her kindness, this one for her patience with me and this one is for her generosity and this one for her tenderness….” he said thougtfully while picking all the flowers for the ring.

After several hours the man was done picking and tieing all the beautiful flowers and what a splendid  flowerring he had managed to collect. He thanked the owl with all his heart and went back to the little cabin in the forest where his little wife was waiting for wood to make dinner so patiently.

Yes he was running late, but his wife did not complain, she knew he had something to finish or he would not been late for dinner emptyhandedly.

“Oh hubby, where is the wood you were collecting for our dinner?”, she asked patiently.

“Ohh, I forgot about that, dear wife, but I have a present for you, said the absent-minded little man. Please hang it on our bedroom wall after you have smelled and looked at them all. they are for you and reminds me how much I love you.”

The patient and hungry wife, smiled and said, oh well, we have to manage anyway, dear hubby, thank you for the lovely flowers, i will do as you wish. They are lovely, dear hubby, thanks so much. But you know it is not my birthday today. It was yesterday. But thank you, I am happy to have them dear hubby. Now I know you love me even if you forgot my birthday yesterday.”

And so they now lived forever happily, now when the man always remembered his wifes birthdays and ALL her traits he loved her for, every single day beside her birthday.



























Old things

People always long to something new. But what is that worth if you cannot appreciate the old. Who knows how to appreciate the old? Don’t get new things until you know how to love the old things.

Cherish and be happy

Cherish the  earth. Cherish your health. Appreciate and care for your working heart and mind. Love your family, they are the only ones you got.  Cherish your talents you have. Cherish your friend(s), each and every one.Cherish each sunny and rainy day. Our life is dependent on them. Cherish your home and your pet(s). Cherish your work. Cherish your opportunities. Cherish yourself and your life. Cherish your time. The only advice anyone needs in life. To Cherish what we already got. Cherish and you will be or stay happy. Cherish.

Feng Shui 1 – first change – Breakfast spot 1 (draft).


Feng Shui – the art of finding the solutions for harmony with your environment.

How to Feng Shui your spaces: What did I do? I decided to start with my breakfast area. It makes sense to go through each space you use during a day while you use it  and step by step  realize the problems and the way to improve the different spaces one by one. Also to create a harmony between the different spots so you easily can switch forth and back with least trouble and work. To save time and to improve the flexibility is one of the things of this theory (It has many names, and has existed in many forms).  Use your own common sense and your own applications on the basic ideas. That is the way to get the ideal situation for you.

I will go over each space in turns and improve each at each turn. Let me know what you do after reading this!

This was the first change round for my breakfast area.  I got two breakfast areas. One is the  “early spot”, like 7-8 am nd that space I choose because the sun light or the strongest daylight rays  comes through from the east and lits up my breakfast space. And I get the enjoy that light with my breakfast a few hours. That way I get light therapy for as long as I have breakfast which feels really pleasant and make me wake up in a nice natural way without coffee etc as the main stimulant. I wasnt happy with my light at my breakfast area. It is also my afternoon nap area, where I like to read because there is a sofa I can stretch on. So I decided to fix my breakfast table first. Clean any irrelevant stuff. To make my eyes and my body feel calm and not nervous by any excess mess or things that does not make logical  OR sound sense or have a natural flow with the things I  do at breakfast time and the rest of the objects close by.

I also use this space in the afternoon but then I dont sit, I rest on the couch and read and listen to music and get a massage  through a massage pad under the sofa. Things I did:

1. I made sure there was music through my iPhone to a good set of speakers – Make music and news  available). I made sure there was radio available, because it is nice to enjoy the radio in this spot, because you can eat or rest and still be able to enjoy the radio in an undisturbed stressed way. Internet and TV do not give you those possibilities .

2. I made sure the cables and stuff by the coach were more sensible wired and could be hide away, so they didnt collect dust and were easier to vacuum.  Since this is the resting space the air has to be as clean as possible. No dust heaps lurking in the dark attacking your lungs and nose!

3. I opened the windows in two ends of the apartment, so the air can come through most of  the place and make sure I breathe high quality air during the hours I am working from home or just at home. This should be done in an office too (but seldom is).

4. I made sure there is a nice halogen lamp with a nice shaded light for book reading .  It had  been placed a bit  disturbingly and I never bothered to move it around to a more optimal position. Now it is done. And it feels very good. Just this simple thing, increases my health and well being every day from now on instead of stealing energy away and inducing negative such. I always irritated myself earlier of its placement. Now I don’t. That is a very important part Feng Shui. No Hocus Pocus. Just very sound sense. That we seldom use even though we have it.

5. I made sure there is a warm blanket and a pillow for my back.  So that I can sit comfortably while I eat and still be able to reach the breakfast items and my cup of tea. I also have a place to heat my tea,  just through poring the tea in a clay pot and then warm it with heat candles. That way I can drink my tea in peace, not have to bother about it getting cold.

6. I placed things I care about. Like my Buddhist symbol, and an elephant reminding me about my origin and my indian family and roots and the things I learned about myself related to India and my travels there over the years. I placed a candle there in the middle, I chose a red one, because read is making my heart warm and my eyes enjoy more. I also put my books I want to read/read in one of the storage places under the table partly visible. And I placed notebooks and drawing pencils to be able to scribble while talking to people or listening to radio or music. Ideas tend to crawl out when you are in an environment like this and relax completely.Take that chance to be creative. Scribble down that positive energy manifesting into ideas. They are often very valuable for you and your goals.

7. I made sure my breakfast was all on a tray, in order to not make any mess on the table itself or the cloth on the table and quickly be able remove it all to the kitchen sink when I am done. Those things are tedious and to have to go 3-4 times forth and back is annoying when you can do it in a more efficient way. Well people might like to take the extra walks doing this, then thats OK for them. For me its not. I like to do tedious things as little as possible.

8. I also made sure the TV  remote now is placed at a good spot, where I always will keep it. In order to not have to look for it and to not spill some tea or juice on it.  Don’t you just hate when the remote is at one of the other 10 spots, when you are comfortably sitting back and enjoying the tea and suddenly realize there is something you want to see on tv or to change channel. Let it be at one spot and keep it there until there is another sport that is more convenient during the passing day. This principle goes for  most things. Rearrange, and make sure they are placed with thought. Then you can easier apprehend and learn why they should be at THAT spot and stick to it. Sense makes you more willing to obey rules and discipline.

9. Make sure your pet, has a chance to spend some time with you while you use this spot. This energy you omit, will be very good for your pet, and they will feel loved if they are included in your healing spot in the morning.  My cat got a pillow assigned and a special blanket that I fold away so I don’t get any hair on my clothes. That way she is within reach for me to cuddle her with one hand and having my tea and breakfast with the other one.

10. I made sure that my Phone can be connected to a wireless Bluetooth set or to speakers. Either way works and you can freely walk around in the room and talk or just look out on the sunset if you want. That make you more creative during work calls or friend talks. Nothing is worse when you feel restless and have to make important calls.

11. I have playlists stored for different modes. Today was classical Spanish guitar music – playing. It soothes my soul quite a bit. It all depends on moods. If you feel stressed already, then do calm down with some soft music…first. And vice verca…Prepare those playlists in your music collection. There are many ways to do this. Pick one and stick with that.

12. I also like to have my chewing gum for good teeth available (EXTRA etc) . Keep an extra pack. That way you will feel fresh at all times. I feel really unfresh if I dont brush my teeth or chew EXTRA gums straight after each meal.

13. Keep a bowl there, to collect some loose stuff. Those loose things will otherwise end up on the floor or mess up the space for you.  I keep things like a lighter, chewing gum and what not there to have it all handy but orderly.

14. Keep your phone handy. We all need it for so many things.  By having it, you will be able to feel that you dont really need to use it. If didnt have it handy, I would want to be all over it. Reversed psychology works!

15. Make sure your feets are covered. So often we all get colds because we keep some parts of our bodies exposed to draft. I prefer to sit in my hood jacket during breakfast. No cold air can sneak into my intimate zones and induce a bad cold.

16.  Before  I take breakfast, I  start up my computer so that I dont have to wait for it to boot to get going with some work.  I also enabled one-click start-ups and shut-downs.

17. Keep salt and toothpicks handy and covered.

I also mentioned another breakfast spot, where I eat late breakfast but its combined with my lunch spot which I will deal with in next part of this article.

























In the eyes

In the eyes of others we find the safety of our selves.

Excess is the root of all evil.

Science is good as long as it brings result that are measurable and improving peoples lives and so is Religion. But when science and religion becomes their own science and religion for the sake of it, things get out of hand. The motivation for both must be in the roots of humanity and in the roots of pragmatism and that statement goes for a row of other subjects, perhaps even ALL subjects. People spend billions of dollars on this worship to uselessness. Excess is a sin! In all forms. A sin to humanity first of all.

My point based motivation system (draft)

We all have bad periods now and then in life.  When things go well for us,  most of us have motivation naturally because we are feeling good with our selves and our self confidence is high and we can sort our priorities as we go.

We also can appreciate the priorities in our every day tasks well when we are in balance.

This system is not really necessary for those periods when you are in control and everything flows perfectly and smoothly. It is for those periods when you really want to go on a safe autopilot to get the most out of your day and to eventually get back on track again to that good level of self confidence and balance in your daily tasks.

Having said that, it does not mean to follow this system, is bad when you feel good with yourself, it actually can improve your efficiency anyway. I will explain why, this is the case more later.

So how does it work?

The main thing is that during a day a persons has a number of work tasks, a number of organisational tasks, a number of routine tasks and a number of voluntary tasks, and a number of unknown first time occuring tasks or rare unregular tasks etc.  Which one to do during a day and when? And can some tasks be skipped etc?

Well, the thing is that over time a list of tasks is generated with different priorities (weights) put on each task. They sort of are quite easy to sort and to understand their importance if you analyze them individually and separately. I will do that later in a later section or in another article part.

For now you just accept my default list tasks and values and hope I evaluate these tasks correctly and have a good list.

You can always add tasks or change it depending on your own analysis and preferences and personality. We are all humans and not robots. This system is meant to be customizable to any persons needs and situation in a certain period of that persons life.

What I am explaining here is only the basic principles of the system, you will need some imagination and some work to make it work well for you! Nothing in life comes for free.

So, what tasks do we have during a day? Well the list is long. It can be very detailed and it can be less detailed. Its all up to you. I won’t compile a perfect list, because it will never be perfect for you.

Some things are sort of unnecessary to write because you do them anyway. And some things are good to have written so you actually get a reminder of what useful/good things you can do during a day.

However we can divide them in the following order crudely.

  • Things you will do anyway (wake up, breathe, go to the toilet) (0)
  • Things that you need to do to keep a home/office/homeoffice orderly. (1)
  • Things you need to do to plan your worklife and move that ahead. (2)
  • Things you need to do to plan and move your selfdevelopment ahead. (3)
  • Things you need to do to keep your partner/family/friends/neighbours/pets  happy. (2-3)
  • Things you need to do to keep your work partners/work network happy. (3)
  • And things you need to make yourself happy in several aspects: (2)
  • health, ego, sexual needs, self development, food, drink

There  could be more sections, it all depends on the level detail you want to use this system or that you need to use this system. The weights are set as you find them important. But realize that you need to understand why something gives 3 points and something only gets 1 in your system. It needs to be well thought out.

Some basic examples are the following:

  • Wake up in good time (3)
  • Check the mail (1)
  • Open the mail (1)
  • Act on the mail (2)
  • Drink regularly (1)
  • Take daily excercise, longer break (3)
  • Take daily exercises small breaks (1)
  • Eat or  cook a meal (2)
  • Solve a new problem (2)
  • Solve an acute problem (4)
  • Solve a post phoned problem (3)
  • Decide to solve a problem later (post phone action)
  • A social action (2)
  • An ego boosting action (1)
  • An altruistic (non egoiistic) action) (2)
  • A long-term  action in any aspect (3)
  • A self treat, to make you enjoy life. (1)
  • A solution to a problem (2)
  • An awareness of of a problem you did not know you had. (3)
  • A definition of a problem you got aware of. (3)

Etc…the list goes on..and its just your imagination as a person and patience as a person that defines how much you want to systematize your life. And put that in perspective to what you need to have control over to have a good life under your circumstances.

A person with very little time on their hands, will get a lot more time over to personal things if they plan and systematize well.

A person that has not so much demands on themselves, can just satisfy with some basic tasks they need to define in this point system.

Why a certain task gets 3 and another just 1 or 2 or even 4 is a rather philosophical question. But most people would agree that throwing the garbage can every day is not as important as eating a good meal or get fresh air every day or call a friend. And to solve a heavy problem is way better than just take a walk every day. But if you do it simultaneously, that is just great! I wont go into that part more detailed in this article. Just use sound sense and you will be fine in evaluating your own scores for your tasks.

 Lets summarize:

Find out what you do every day. Sort them in categories. Put priority wrights on them. Find the exceptions that needs individual points. Decide to use a system of scores in this first version and update the weights and the systems scores on a paper to keep track of what weights you add to a task/task from a specific category. Follow the system. Count the scores you get every day. And note it down in some place where you can keep track of the other days scores. Diary, desktop notebook or your cellphone or a notebook of some kind. Whatever works best for you. And is practical, or you will tire of doing this every day.

That is the commitment, to try to do this every day. The system works even if you forget one day or two, but its better to keep a continuity if you want to gradually improve and feel efficient and harmonic and improve and get results in any part your life.

It should be a routine, something challenging you and to make you do and finish things to feel better. Those days you dont keep a score, will be blank days in the system and you really dont know how well you did those days.

Try to commit to the system and follow the basics, count the task scores and summarize. Its not that hard. It will take about 10 minutes every day.

I myself use now a customized workout program in my iPhone to easily count the score , but earlier I had a list of tasks written down and I just updated my scores in my head as the day passed on..and wrote down the result at the end of the day somewhere.

So why follow this system? It sounds a bit boring to keep count. I want my life to be free and flow as water. Well thats the thing, when you allow water to flow wherever it wants, sometimes there wont be enough water at the important places. Like in your body or in the bathtub or to your food or in your pets water bowl or in your mind to make you think good enough. This was just a meta fore.

Total freedom has the problem that it can take away the focus of the important things you really need to get done, in order to have any quality freedom and time to do it, at all.

Its like the money problem in a household. First you pay the important bills, then you make sure you have some money for food and transport. THEN you can think about go and buy whatever you want to buy. You have a freedom that does not cause you any problem this way. This is the same way this system works. It makes sure you use your freedom in an organised way so that you can have freedom in an un organised way. Paradoxical truth.

There may be many questions arising after this first draft, you are welcome to pose questions if you dont understand, I will either explan or rephrase this text or do both.

Lastly, what will a use of this system lead to? Well first of all it will make you a very efficient person. It will make you an aware person. A responsible person. And a person who feels good because a lot of aspects to feel good are covered in this system by automatic. All you need to do is to count and keep score and hope to reach better and better scores every day.

However, there is no point in having “sloppily” done points, because they cause minus points to the system. If you do something, do it properly, otherwise they simply dont count and will ADD minus  points instead.

Example: You call a friend, to get a score, but you dont really help the friend. that gives MINUS -3 instead of adding 3. And so on…

You can and should also add stuff like:

  • Read an interesting quote every day (1)
  • Take a nice photo (1)
  • Learn a new thing or concept (1 or 2)

I hope you will find that this system helps you to get a better life. It helps you to be a better person, towards yourself and others. It helps you to manage your time better and not waste it on potentially non-useful things that you didnt evaluate properly. For example if in the system one thing is not there, like, watch soaps 4 hours. Then you need to adress that “task” and evaluate if that is good or bad. And if you still wanna do it, make sure you got + on the BANK so you can afford to do it. Otherwise it will just detract -4 from your good score everyday.

What are the bad things with this system?

Well it does make you very aware of what you do to a very detailed level, and painstakingly aware of what you use your time to. But recall that it also allows you to get time to NOT BOTHER ABOUT IT AT ALL.

Example: you reached 25 points before its even 5 pm.

Then you know that you have been efficient and can decide to DO what the heck you want the rest of the time. Not having to book it in the system if you prefer not to.

What are the good things with it?

Good thing is that you wont allow yourself to just walk around and use your time totally without control. A behaviour that WILL GIVE YOU lots of trouble and less time to do WHATEVER YOU WANT…

(This is based on a life long problem of my own to keep a  necessary discipline and do things I need to do, in order to have more free time for other things in my life that does not necessarily generate any useful products or results at first glance – I started to use this as an entrepreneur in my early 20ies, when I had a lot of time on my hands in between work hours. I wanted to be useful and feel good and build my ego and have a good conscience at the end of a work day and know that I was improving all the time, even when I did not have a money generating business deal to make or something similar).

But the system works for unemployed, house wifes, retired, school kids on their free time. Well just about anybody with a lot of time on their hands and a lot of duties and ambitions at the same time.

Try it and let me know how it works for you! Or if there are any questions about it. I will answer questions in a FAQ, which means every question will be listed. Or I will include an explaning section to this method.


Robert S. Hedlerfog

Coach of Lifestyle & Mental training









































Spezify, Doing Well In The Visual Search Boom

As originally posted in Arctic Startup:


Spezify, Doing Well In The Visual Search Boom

By Robert Hedlerfog, January 19, 2010, 4 Comments

ArcticStartup have earlier reported about a promising Nordic visual search engine initiative – the Stockholm based Spezify.com, a visual multimedia search engine founded by Felix af Ekenstam and Per Persson, digital creatives and freelancers. Their concept have a great potential to grab a big piece of this market.

Their approach and perspective emphasizes their service as a starting point for inspiration. And I have to agree, Google may still be the number 1 alternative for serious web research in most fields, but it takes time to find all the golden nuggets among the tons of information standard search engines can provide. Some argue that the top of the iceberg, is the top to read, end of discussion, no other service is needed.

But I don´t think that is the complete truth. It used to be, times have changed. Google is no longer the trendsetter in the search engine market, it has stayed with its original concept a bit too loyally and others with new daring concepts are ready to overtake or at least add extra needed functionality. However Google won’t wait long for a powerful retort in this area, I am sure.

The Flash powered Spezify format, with iPhone scrolling, balanced mix of images, quotations, YouTube clips and other searchable web media, is an elegant approach that suits humans way of perceiving various media & information without tiring the user. The widely used ordered list format (used by Google, Yahoo, Bing and many the other search engines) is secondary in that sense.

And as the saying goes, A picture is worth a thousand words, and a clip probably even more so. The team behind Spezify.com had an ambition to create a single place to find the essence of a word. Instead of having to dig through various sources like Flickr, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, Google Images and similar, they decided to make the process quicker to get that notion of a search term in a very short time. With that aim cleared, they are now moving on with the concept and customizing its service for the iPhone market, according to a twittering made some weeks ago.

According to online reactions, Spezify seem to have been received well by young trend sensitive users. One spontaneous reaction among many is from a female user (in her 20ies) expressing her fancy of Spezify in this way: “If Google was my husband, then Spezify would be my hot pool boy

Even though they are prominent in the visual search market in the Nordic/Baltic countries, they are far from alone in a global perspective. Microsoft Bing is right now betatesting a visual search version (not yet testable in Sweden and presumably in the Nordic countries). It aims to visually sort, scroll and enrich categories like news, media, sport, entertainment, shopping items and similar. But they’re not quite there yet and apparently not on the same wave length as the unique Spezify concept.

Among about 50 other visual search services Blinkx.com and Search-cube.com caught my attention especially with their  creative  and useful approach. Blinkx focus on clips and videos in a neat visual format and Search-cube organizes multimedia in a cubic format.

And of course, while we are on the subject of innovative visual search tools, we have the still hot Google Goggles mobile app project, where you can pick up your mobile (for Android phones at the moment), take a photo of a book, a building or a work of an artist and in seconds get information of the who, what and when of the processed image. (rumour say it is possible also on an Ericsson Experia X10, but it is not yet confirmed)

These are just some of the top services in a bubbling trend of visual search engines, fighting for the internet audience, to present information differently from standard search engines on the market. I safely predict that this market will become even hotter in the near future.


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