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~A father and daughter’s love~

A father. A daughter.

A complex love.

for a father

nothing more precious

the only daughter and child

watching his angel

growing up

and grow away..

A fathers privelege and

most precious ordeal of all

another man’s destiny to gain

her heart, her hand, her trust

and hopefully HIS respect

Lets go of her hand

but never her heart

in the hearts of him and her

the father and daughter love

is eternally growing

Must earn his respect

her mothers trust

his daughters love

a fathers goal

the biggest scare

The day will come,

for which he prepares

a struggle of life

between mind and heart

most precious of fathers gifts,

the blessing to a chosen man

to share the love of his life

For every father

this day will come

finding comfort

in his wifes words

words whisperin

that she loves him still

but on the path

of a family of her own.

The bond of father and daughter

is there so strong when he lives

but even more so when he dies

a fathers will of steel always bends

for the daughter’s happiness

his golden heart always melts

to forgive his daughters

strays away from his words

so strong is a fathers love

(R.S.Hedlerfog, 2011-02-20)

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