Script scenario of a man buried alive

Buried alive..or helplessly being unable to notify you are the rest of the world..

(by Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 1:11am)

A man on the verge of dieing, is the theme of a movie my friend is making. He asked me to imagine that experience and help me research that for his movie. Which is of course hard without experiencing it but since I recently saw a clip of somone almost dieing under 2 meters of snow realizing his friends cant hear him made me pretty much get the picture of that feeling…

The phases are following as I can understand from that and other similar situtions:

1. By own power/Optimism phase – You think you can get out by your power, your own actions regardless of the situation. A trial and error phase begins. You do whatever you can find up in your mind to get out of this death inducing situation.

2. Get help from somone else phase – You think you can get help from the friends around or the people around you in this situation. You scream and you do noises to get out..and get heard..or get any way..

3. Despair and give up phase – You realize you cannot be heard or do anything. You are exhausted from trying. You enter a child’s helpless state. Which also gives you comfort and relief. Tears induces calmness.

4. Repeat phase – Some people repeat the above points a number of times..depending on their personality and strong will to live..

5. Phase of acceptance.. – this is when the acceptance of coming death is present.

6. Phase of reflection – This is the reflection of life, what matters, what one wished one could have had time to do while one had a chance..occurs…..

7. Last try phase – The above phase may induce a last try….with point 1-3… being repeated once again….

8. final state of apathy phase….. (until death occurs or some external sound or sign is heard/noticed)



 Venom thoughts: 

(Friday, June 3, 2011 at 2:30am)

A man can be dead though looking perfectly alive. A man can be alive though looking dead to the world around him.

What can tell the one situation apart from the other?

The eyes? The heart? The body? The nerves?

The emotions not spoken? What kinds of token?

Sometimes the family can be the one thing, making you feel alive.

When work, the world, the outside people and the related problems,

kill you so slowly inside.

Sometimes it is the closeness, the emptiness, the lack of love, killing you so slowly inside. And the world outside that is the one comfort.

A man really can feel buried alive without being buried at all.

And what more, a man can nourish a spark of life yet being buried by his own world,

thanks to that little sign of love, that shred of pleasant memory, that he is clinging on to, like a baby to its mothers comforting breasts, until the end of his life….

A man can die happy, though the world forgot about him. Because he did not forget his love to the world that he still nourishes….and the love given from the one bringing him to this world…


Response from my director friend:


Here is a link to my friend’s film work:



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