The fairy tale story about the girl with only 9 toes

Once upon a time there was a little city with two big toes as queen and king and all the citizens loyally lined up next to them on each side.

They were now a happy little kingdom, but once they had been oppressed by two giant socks, so they could not breathe fresh air or see the sunlight or any stars or moons.
But finally they had been freed from the oppression of  the two giant socks by the king and the  beautiful queen was also rescued from deep inside the left sock.

The citizens in the city had all red little caps on their heads to be visible and able to  distinguish eachother well but also as a protection to scare other monsters believing they were red monster eyes in the dark.

All the toe citizens had a close friend next to them on the left side, all except the little  lonely toe man on the left foot.

One day the left little toe citizen realized there was a giant cute girl at the end of the world and his biggest dream was to climb up to her and give the Giant girl a kiss. But he was stuck in his position and couldnt go anywhere.

So he started to itch the girls foot to make her pay attention.

The little left toeman itched and itched…and itched and itched…

Until one day the Giant girl finally understood and bent down to give the little citizen left toe man a kiss.

And then the man magically became BIG and FREE  as the lonely Giant girl and they lived together forever HAPPILY after.

And this was the goodnight story about how a girl ended up with just 9 toes….

The End

by Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog

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