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‘I work with dreams, goals and visions, my clients and my own.’

My name is Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog aka ‘Dreamrealist‘.

Called ”Dreamrealist‘, because  in a number of fields I realize my own, my clients as well as my partners dreams with efficient well planned teamwork. I work with dreams, goals and visions. My clients and my own.

I have roots in two countries (Sweden and India) with families in both. I am permanently based in south Sweden (Swedish citizenship), Öresund Region (Copenhagen, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Ellsinore, Ängelholm), and periodically in India (Chennai – Bangalore area).

This is my independent writer, blogger, copywriter, photojournalist portfolio site. Here I display samples of my writer work; articles, reflections and various subjects that interests me. Here are also links to related pages in professional fields that I update myself in on a daily basis/very frequently since many years back.

Shift from Entrepreneur, Sales/Tech Pro to a Writer, Journalist, Content & Marketing Creative & AI/Cognitive Science Researcher 

After many years of other types of work (IT entrepreneurship (computer /software sales/broking, service), international sales agent,  support technician, tester, project manager, webmaster, IT manager etc (see my technical portfolio at www.hedlerfog.com) I decided to follow the strong calls of my writer and researcher soul. So the last 15+ years I shifted from work and education in sales and technical fields to work in creative fields as:

Community, Content & Brand Manager/Director, AI Tech Professional/Evangelist/Scientist, Business Intelligence & Consumer Insight Analyst, Management/Innovation Consultant,  Freelance Photojournalist, Web Editor, Designer, Art Director, Copywriter, Translator, Techwriter & Movie worker 

This does not mean I forgot the earlier type of work I used to focus on. I still update my knowledge in these fields professionally and it means I cooperate with professionals (programmers, sales people, tech professionals etc) in these fields with ease and are able to better support them in our joint efforts towards a common company or project goal through my thorough understanding of their roles supported with my own creative work, research and experience. I am a bridge between many professional groups in a company and can help a company reach goals efficiently thanks to that. This skillset and experience gives me a special skill, to be able to envision, overlook/coordinate/manage a concept, product or project naturally and efficiently with confidence and speed.


Ever since I was a child, I nourished dreams about being a journalist, a storyteller,  a writer, a researcher. Here are my collected resources about that choice of career and what professional experiences and insights that choice brings to me. I have always been inspired by learning and problem solving. From early years (more about that in my tech profile site) I got interested in Artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. Also the interests chess, games, language & communication, science, philosophy, have followed me through the years since childhood.

Contact me

Please don’t hesitate to call me or contact me about my writing or anything related to writing that I may be able to help you with. The texts are free to link or paste as long as you mention my name and a link if possible. Most likely I am not able to update this site regularly with all the content I created, but ask me and I will give you more material as reference for further cooperation. Please have a look at my Linked In profiles for references to my professional writer roles.


Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog

a.k.a. ‘Dreamrealist’

M.Sc in Computer & System Science;Content/Brand Management, AI & Cognitive Science 
Photographer/Designer/Art Director
Content & Community Professional/Director
Social Media Professional/Manager
Cognitive Science Researcher
Game & AI Tech Professional/Evangelist
Anything in my blogs, groups, communitiy pages, is done in my spare time and thus does not intrude on my daytime or in-house work duties in any way.





Is imperfectness needed to be perfect? Then I am perfect and so are you!

– R.S. Hedlerfog

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Writer Philosophy

Professionally driven to catch the core sentiments & correct tone in any context.

Through a well researched, clear and imaginative mind and connected heart document/describe that company, individual, concept, special moment, event, feeling, situation, product, translation in the best way and needed form to reach planned and desired effects.

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