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The little absent-minded man (draft/seed)

There was once a little man and a little wife, living in a  deep deep  forest a long long way from the town. They had been married ever since they could remember and were very happy.

The little man had just one thing to remember to keep their life happy and that was his wife’s birthday. One time a year only  and everything would continue to stay happy another year with no trouble.

One would think this was a simple task for the little man, who had such an easily made-happy wife who never asked for more. Well, it would normally be so, but this particular little man was a very absent-minded little man. He worried all year about forgetting his little dear wifes only wish to be remembered on her birthday.

In fact this was a big trouble for the little man, but he never told the little wife about it. He scratched his head often on how to be able to remember her special day and never miss it.

He had no fancy means or any automatic larms to give him a notice like people in later days. He had no staff or any town friends who spontaneously came by to talk to him and give him a reminder or asked him what he or they would present her at her birthday.

One day he was walking to collect wood in the forest so that they could make dinner with it and he was as usual thinking about the dilemma with remembering his little wife’s birthday while attending his daily choir.

Then suddenly he met an old owl, sitting on a branch, staring at him with his wise big eyes.

“Can I help you little man, you look indeed very troubled, walking  absent-mindedly and thinking about something, are you?”, the Owl asked helpfully.

The little man, looked startled up towards the owl and replied troubledly, “Oh, mr wise old  Owl, I am just thinking about how to please my wife on her next birthday and more importantly how to never forget it!”.

The Wise Owl, frowned for a little while and then lit up with his big eyes ” Oh, that is the simplest of troubles my dear little man. Here is how you should do”.

“Pick the most beautiful flowers in the forest today, then tie a flowerring and with a ribbon of red gold – ornamenting it at the top marking your wife’s birthday.  Pick carefully a flower for each thing you love about your wife and make it one for each day in a year.”

“Give your wife this flowerring tonight and ask her to put it on the wall of your bedroom so you can both see it everyday when you wake up for a new day, reminding you about her special traits you love her for”

“Everyday go to the next flower in the the flowerring and remember the thing you love about your wife that this flower is a symbol of, when you reach the read gold ribbon you know it is your wife’s birthday again!”

The little man was thrilled, and started to pick flowers all over the forest, meadows and hills. He connected each special flower in his mind and heart to the special thing he loved about his wife.

“This one is for her wisdom…this one is for her kindness, this one for her patience with me and this one is for her generosity and this one for her tenderness….” he said thougtfully while picking all the flowers for the ring.

After several hours the man was done picking and tieing all the beautiful flowers and what a splendid  flowerring he had managed to collect. He thanked the owl with all his heart and went back to the little cabin in the forest where his little wife was waiting for wood to make dinner so patiently.

Yes he was running late, but his wife did not complain, she knew he had something to finish or he would not been late for dinner emptyhandedly.

“Oh hubby, where is the wood you were collecting for our dinner?”, she asked patiently.

“Ohh, I forgot about that, dear wife, but I have a present for you, said the absent-minded little man. Please hang it on our bedroom wall after you have smelled and looked at them all. they are for you and reminds me how much I love you.”

The patient and hungry wife, smiled and said, oh well, we have to manage anyway, dear hubby, thank you for the lovely flowers, i will do as you wish. They are lovely, dear hubby, thanks so much. But you know it is not my birthday today. It was yesterday. But thank you, I am happy to have them dear hubby. Now I know you love me even if you forgot my birthday yesterday.”

And so they now lived forever happily, now when the man always remembered his wifes birthdays and ALL her traits he loved her for, every single day beside her birthday.



























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