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The little absent-minded man (draft/seed)

There was once a little man and a little wife, living in a  deep deep  forest a long long way from the town. They had been married ever since they could remember and were very happy.

The little man had just one thing to remember to keep their life happy and that was his wife’s birthday. One time a year only  and everything would continue to stay happy another year with no trouble.

One would think this was a simple task for the little man, who had such an easily made-happy wife who never asked for more. Well, it would normally be so, but this particular little man was a very absent-minded little man. He worried all year about forgetting his little dear wifes only wish to be remembered on her birthday.

In fact this was a big trouble for the little man, but he never told the little wife about it. He scratched his head often on how to be able to remember her special day and never miss it.

He had no fancy means or any automatic larms to give him a notice like people in later days. He had no staff or any town friends who spontaneously came by to talk to him and give him a reminder or asked him what he or they would present her at her birthday.

One day he was walking to collect wood in the forest so that they could make dinner with it and he was as usual thinking about the dilemma with remembering his little wife’s birthday while attending his daily choir.

Then suddenly he met an old owl, sitting on a branch, staring at him with his wise big eyes.

“Can I help you little man, you look indeed very troubled, walking  absent-mindedly and thinking about something, are you?”, the Owl asked helpfully.

The little man, looked startled up towards the owl and replied troubledly, “Oh, mr wise old  Owl, I am just thinking about how to please my wife on her next birthday and more importantly how to never forget it!”.

The Wise Owl, frowned for a little while and then lit up with his big eyes ” Oh, that is the simplest of troubles my dear little man. Here is how you should do”.

“Pick the most beautiful flowers in the forest today, then tie a flowerring and with a ribbon of red gold – ornamenting it at the top marking your wife’s birthday.  Pick carefully a flower for each thing you love about your wife and make it one for each day in a year.”

“Give your wife this flowerring tonight and ask her to put it on the wall of your bedroom so you can both see it everyday when you wake up for a new day, reminding you about her special traits you love her for”

“Everyday go to the next flower in the the flowerring and remember the thing you love about your wife that this flower is a symbol of, when you reach the read gold ribbon you know it is your wife’s birthday again!”

The little man was thrilled, and started to pick flowers all over the forest, meadows and hills. He connected each special flower in his mind and heart to the special thing he loved about his wife.

“This one is for her wisdom…this one is for her kindness, this one for her patience with me and this one is for her generosity and this one for her tenderness….” he said thougtfully while picking all the flowers for the ring.

After several hours the man was done picking and tieing all the beautiful flowers and what a splendid  flowerring he had managed to collect. He thanked the owl with all his heart and went back to the little cabin in the forest where his little wife was waiting for wood to make dinner so patiently.

Yes he was running late, but his wife did not complain, she knew he had something to finish or he would not been late for dinner emptyhandedly.

“Oh hubby, where is the wood you were collecting for our dinner?”, she asked patiently.

“Ohh, I forgot about that, dear wife, but I have a present for you, said the absent-minded little man. Please hang it on our bedroom wall after you have smelled and looked at them all. they are for you and reminds me how much I love you.”

The patient and hungry wife, smiled and said, oh well, we have to manage anyway, dear hubby, thank you for the lovely flowers, i will do as you wish. They are lovely, dear hubby, thanks so much. But you know it is not my birthday today. It was yesterday. But thank you, I am happy to have them dear hubby. Now I know you love me even if you forgot my birthday yesterday.”

And so they now lived forever happily, now when the man always remembered his wifes birthdays and ALL her traits he loved her for, every single day beside her birthday.



























The creator’s so far best creation – the woman. (first edit)

Once upon a time there was nothing.  And the one who created the nothing was kind of bored. “We need to add some creatures to this nothing.” the creator pondered. So the creator, created bugs, fish and amoebas, land, mountain, sun and waters.

The creator soon tired of that too and decided that there was a need for something bigger and more intelligent that could in its own turn create their own things taking the load off the creator and at the same time entertain. The creator  came up with the brilliant (at the time at least) idea of  – a man.

A man is the greatest achievement I ever made, the creator mused contentedly,  looking at the men walking around, hunting,  fighting and making war. The creator was so amused by these men that he soon got quite tired and needed a nap.  Some hours passed and some days passed. Well you see when creators takes a nap, they do it in a rather big way.

Anyway the creator woke up and needed some  water to get fully  awake. So the creator half emptied a lake of water next to the resting place. And rubbed the eyes to get a clear sight of what had happened.

The creator saw nothing. Well to be more exact  – a destroyed “nothing” and a lot of dead men with weapons and wounds and burned ground and buildings spread around the destroyed “nothing”. Dead fish, destruction and polluted water.

The creator now started to think about what a waste of time it was to create a man. Even the bugs and fish and the other stuff that was created was destroyed now too. Just the sun was left,  and even that was almost covered by the pollution the men had created.

The creator gave it all a good think and took a few more days napping to get a really good idea. Then one day, after waking  up the creator this time finished an entire lake. There was no fish to worry about since the men had all fished out the lakes and destroyed it with pollution and war in lands, lakes and all the waters.

The creator this time decided to create a smarter creature that was self aware and knew its limitations and would feel more at one and have more in common with nature, being a part of it and carrying a part of it. A creature that would not make wars and would be splendid and tailor made to nurture other creatures and take care of the nature that was given to her.

After doing this big deed, which took  a lot of planning, the creator needed another nap.  You see, the mysteries of a woman was even a hard task for a creator. Even the creator was a bit stunned with what he just achieved and just hoped the creation that was made could be controlled.

So the creator slept for days and days and suddenly woke up. Served a delicious meal, with vegetables, milk, fruit, porridge, honey and jam and lovely sweet smelling tea. All tenderly served by some beautiful women in the creators closeness.

The creator thanked the women and had the lovely breakfast, then looked around and saw flowers, green fields and cows and sheep on the meadows. Wherever the creator looked there could be seen industrious women working, talking and smiling and laughing and playing. Ornamented homes, lovely hair styles, beautiful clothes,  laughter and smiles. The women were taking care of all the land, homes,  fish, the animals, and breeding more animals and seeding and cropping the fields.

Life was really great now and everything flourished in the creator’s creation.

Then it was time for the creator to give the women a present for being so fruitful and good, taking care of every living being that was created and put on earth.

The creator asked the women: “Dear women, what is it I can create for you that you don’t have already? I want to grant this wish to you – as a thanks for taking care of our creation so well. The men I created before made such a lousy job so I had to remove them. But you managed so well,  far beyond my expectations.”

The women, said ” Oh creator nothing really, we are all very satisfied – but tell us oh Creator, what is a man?”

The Creator then described a man, for them, mostly physically. Forgetting however to tell them the actions of men and the psychology of men. This made the women immediately fall in love with the idea of a man.

The creator, now in a generous mood, and forgetting about all the chaos men created in the past,  and that he had not fully explained what men actually were about to the women, said: “Oh well, I could create one man for you each. Maybe you can control the men better than I did. You seem to have the powers I lack and be able to take care of whatever I create.”

So the creator  took another long  nap and finally woke up and this time there was not any nice breakfast served  so the creator had to go back to  a diet of lakes and grain pondering about what had happened since last time.

This time the lake was tasty with nice fish and fresh water.  The creator rubbed once again the eyes and looked out on the lands.

And what the creator saw was what you also  see, every day you wake up.

Women forgiving and trying to rebuild everything men destroy but also nurturing their babies,  and old men, educating young boys , comforting their children, sisters, mothers and husbands, taking care of nature, food and crops and doing all the other work that they always did before men’s existence and now even with a loving smile on their faces for their men, friends and their little ones by their side. Setting a side most of their life to others, made the miracle idea of a woman work.

The creator now mused over the weird  but romantic balance that was  created, and hoped that the women, would not regret having men presented to them and one day wake him up again and demand a change. And so the creator went to a long this time undefined  sleep again.

(Men, let us all treat all our loving and caring women well, so they do not wake the creator up again and complain about us. Then we men, are all toast.)


Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog


This story is dedicated to my beloved mother.




















The japanese princess that couldnt sleep (draft)


Once upon a time there was a little princess in a very busy Japanese little Kingdom.  Everyone wanted to visit the busy kingdom,  all the merchants from all over the world came to this kingdom and wanted to see if they could make some business with the ingenious merchants in the kingdom.

The kingdom was known for its ingenious citizens, that had managed to come up with many funny inventions that the world was interested in but also chocked by.  So all the strange inventions from other parts of the world also found its way to this strange but interesting little kingdom.

The  odd kingdom was an island, and  had many ancient stories about warfare, conquers and trade.

However, enough about the kingdom and its violent but flourishing past for now, this little story is really about a princess who lived in this kingdom.  She had decided to earn her princess hood by normal work, not to live off her father and mother, the King and the Queen. The girl was a hard working girl who gave people advice in the art of business.  One day she realized however that she could not sleep. Day after day, night after night passed and she could not sleep.

She did not tell her workmates, just her close friends about her problem.  Every day she was sitting in the merchant office and staring in newspapers to learn the news to recommend the merchants of the kingdom. They did not know she was a princess of course. All was a well hidden secret of the princess.

She was under cover to not get any benefits of her princess hood. She wanted to achieve success by own ways and through own efforts. It was a very goodhearted princess.  One day an indian prince came riding into the kingdom. He was on a visit to teach the art of Buddhism and had been invited by the princess’  father the King of the kingdom.

The king had not told the prince he had a missing daughter and the fact was that he  had asked the prince to come and teach the learnings of Indian religions and wisdoms as well as Buddhism and non violence principles to his people and samurai warriors and himself so he could find answers to his recent miseries and search after his  long lost daughter. They thought the daughter had been eaten in the forests by wolfs or been captured by trolls.  And they thought their misery was the payback from destiny, being a nation of war in the past.

The prince rode every day on his own horse, that he had brought and rode all the way from India. It was a unique  horse that was not even afraid of tigers, snakes or elephants. A very strong horse.  He rode very fast through a park every day. And every day he saw this princess sit there and think and look out in the air, with an empty look in her eyes.

Until one day, the spring sun was shining so bright and lovely and it made him and his horse loose  control of the ride. They had to slown down and the prince had to walk next to the horse for a while to calm him down.

Then he decided to sit down next to the princess and ask her about her predicament. “Why, my dear are you sitting and staring out in the blue, every day, what is bothering your heart my dear?”

“Oh, my prince. I am not sure.  I can not sleep at night. I think about so many things that happened in the past and the now. It makes my mind go blank by exhaustion. I also lost contact with my dear family, now when I am in the big town,  trying to earn my livelihood. I miss my brothers and sisters, that are to be born. They think I am lost. And I cant allow myself to go back and tell them, that I am alive until I made my success my own way.”

“Why my dear?”, the prince asked

“My pride doesnt allow me, my prince, the princess replied.

“OK my dear, would you allow me to give you some words of wisdom that I think will help you?”

“They have been passed on to me by experience from my other lifes and by the wisdoms of the books and tales I have encountered in my childhood up til now.”

“Please do, my prince. Anything that will help me,  will  make me grateful and happy”

“Keep every day a notebook and a pen. Put it at your bedside table. Boil yourself a large cup of evening herb tea. Drink it slowly, and look at a lit candle. Close any “windows” you have, any noise or disturbing apparatus.  Breathe in and out for at least 10 consecutive times in a very slow and peaceful way”

“After doing this, think about what is in your mind. Take the pen and write these thoughts down in your notebook”

“Empty your mind with whatever you feel right then and there.”

“Write uncontrolledly in your notepad. Dont look back at your writing.”

“Dont judge yourself. Let your mind, soul and heart speak – totally connected.”

“Will this help me, my Prince?”

“Yes it will, if you believe it will, my dear”

The prince stood up,  “My dear, I will come back in some days again to see if you are helped. And if you are not, I will give you more advice.”

“I now have to ride back to my generous hosts, who are the king and queen of this Kingdom. They would love to have a daughter like you but are childless, they told me”.

“Farewell my princess, I wish you great success and great peace in your soul.

Hopefully we will see each other again. And that day with a smile on your face.

And so the prince rode away on his strong horse, that was not afraid of tigers, snakes or elephants, and left the japanese princess pondering about her newly given advice.

What do you think will happen?

I dont know, but this story has no written end. The end will continue in your imagination. Let us hope everything solves for our japanese princess.


















The fairy tale story about the girl with only 9 toes

Once upon a time there was a little city with two big toes as queen and king and all the citizens loyally lined up next to them on each side.

They were now a happy little kingdom, but once they had been oppressed by two giant socks, so they could not breathe fresh air or see the sunlight or any stars or moons.
But finally they had been freed from the oppression of  the two giant socks by the king and the  beautiful queen was also rescued from deep inside the left sock.

The citizens in the city had all red little caps on their heads to be visible and able to  distinguish eachother well but also as a protection to scare other monsters believing they were red monster eyes in the dark.

All the toe citizens had a close friend next to them on the left side, all except the little  lonely toe man on the left foot.

One day the left little toe citizen realized there was a giant cute girl at the end of the world and his biggest dream was to climb up to her and give the Giant girl a kiss. But he was stuck in his position and couldnt go anywhere.

So he started to itch the girls foot to make her pay attention.

The little left toeman itched and itched…and itched and itched…

Until one day the Giant girl finally understood and bent down to give the little citizen left toe man a kiss.

And then the man magically became BIG and FREE  as the lonely Giant girl and they lived together forever HAPPILY after.

And this was the goodnight story about how a girl ended up with just 9 toes….

The End

by Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog

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Through a well researched, clear and imaginative mind and connected heart document/describe that company, individual, concept, special moment, event, feeling, situation, product, translation in the best way and needed form to reach planned and desired effects.

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