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Your heart’s well-being

Your heart’s well-being.

What is love?

What is often forgotten is that love between two people, and the look for a partner is not what comes first. It is one of the biggest misunderstandings we never really get taught except the hard way..

There is another love so much more essential and also a condition for the special kind of love we all are looking for.

And that is the love between ….you……….and…………….you. To accept or love all sides of yourself, is so essential for any persons success in loving another person or even finding that person. To not have experienced your all sides or even accepted them, will be a big or small shock when that other person notice it before you do, and also notices that you did not even accept or know about it and even more importantly learned to love it yourself.

We all struggle, sometimes entire lifetimes to find that other person. When all that is needed is to love yourself, find yourself. Accept yourself. Learn about yourself. Through that the love for yourself grows. And then your own bow of love gets stronger. In order to shoot that arrow to the other persons heart.

You dont need to look all over the world…just look yourself into the mirror and even more importantly into your  own heart’s well. Only you can look yourself into your own heart. And there is a reason for it. The heart’s mirror only reflects when you dare to look yourself into your own mirror, into your own well, into your own well-being.

Nobody else can ever do it. Then later it is _your_ eyes that reflects that feeling of “well-being” further to that other person…a woman of your dream or a man of your dream…who is looking for that reflection. If she or he cant find it…that means _you_ didnt find it. You didnt look into your own heart…you cannot share your well…being. Because your well is not there. It is a “well-not-being”.

The love _between you_ will then be empty. That person keeps looking but cant find it. And you keep looking and finds that others persons heart’s “well-being”  reflected in that person’s eyes. But you cannot see your own reflection in that person’s eyes. Yes, you cannot see yourself in that person’s eyes. Because you did not tell the other person who you are, and that you are loved by yourself, known by yourself. You cant find your own love for yourself. Because it is nowhere to be found except in your heart’s  own well, a place you did not dare to look yet. By fear of drowning.

Love is a two-way communication in _two-ways_. The way inward and out, and then the way outward and back in.

Whenever two persons love eachother truly, they really love _eachother_ truly. Meaning they really love themselves too. Without that they are not capable of loving you.

So when we all feel miserable, thinking we are loosing somebody or missing someone and we cant find that special one, that one loving us back…we are all looking for ourselves. And when we are not balanced, we tend to love the other too much…there must be a counterbalance to even out the powers of two loves…that is the balance of love. Though beware love is not about power, it is about choosing to share eachothers love and let eachother look into eachothers well-beings…and reflect back ourselves into our loved ones eyes through our own eyes.

When the water between our two wells connect..through energy…the bond is made…then we mix our waters…and kiss….the real way….not only the lip way…..that is the true kiss of love….the kiss of our hearts wells…

So when we tragically divorce, or change bf or gf etc., we are really divorcing ourselves from the image of ourselves that the other person got wrong thanks to you or he/she was not capable of sending the real image and feeling.

And the need to own someone so wrong, You cannot own someones love. Because then you are selling your own. Love is not for sale. Love is for giving and taking by will. Love is for accepting by will. Never by force. Never by means never by rational reasons. Love is like air. You have to want to breathe it. To let it inside you. To breathe it out again…to return it…

Without air, we both die. Our love dies. We share that air. We need that air.So keep breathing. Keep giving. Keep taking. If it is yours to take. And dont forget what love you really are looking for. The love for yourself. Start looking into your own hearts well today and look into another hearts well tomorrow.







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