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Bubble theory


How life works – the bubble theory (c) Hedlerfog:

We all have bubbles, each one of us, different sizes of bubbles, various quality in the endurability of the bubble surfaces, various flexibility of the bubble formations, some hard some ve

ry adaptable/flexible – even sensitive for bursting when encounter other bubbles. Various shine and various colours and contrasts.Some people’s bubbles are edgy and pop other people’s soft bubbles and some people have expanding bubbles due to their own inner energy – air coming from their own energy, selfconfidence and self creations (art, thoughts, skills, origin, culture, background, family roots etc)..Some bubbles are so tiny or flexible that they just mix into other people’s bubbles and they are just tagging on to other peoples bubbles alltogether like they were non existing without them…while some people let their bubbles free and let them have much air between themselves and other people’s bubbles, giving them a perspective…They watch other people’s bubbles and learn but don’t really mix or change in a negative decreasing way…they just expand by watching others on their own since they take on new forms when mixed with their own creativity (air/background).Some people form double bubbles, means they form a union between eachother but still with a wall while some just gets doubled with one united surface and no wall and with expanded common volume – which means when they pop – they BOTH pop.Some have “flattire” on their bubbles and need others to patch them with their protecting walls.Some create small bubbles together eventually while some never do, it all depends on the chemistry of the both bubbles coming together by natural forces.

Keyword being natural. Forced bubble formations eventually burst, they are not built to last together. Some bubbles should always live separeted and free.
Moving from one bubble to another.

Some are very attractive and charged with powers to attract, and gleam and shine but may eventually burst….when they get old or loose their powers…while some are steady and normal and just will last as long as they wish.

Some project dreams inside of their own bubbles..and some look at those dreams and experience what they see as their own dreams…because they like them or lack their own. What kids see when they see you is your bubble – and that is what they want to play with. Not the burst stale or fixed bubble, but the bubble that is free and floating and still playful and adapts to the wind and sun and the blowing of the child.

Some bubbles are set to burst because they simply do not produce any air or too much air which cannot get supported by the suface. That is why balance is needed for all bubbles. For those who are alone and those who are formed together.

Sometimes we meet “pokers” who try to poke our bubbles because of envy which is twisted form of admiration. Sometimes a poke is just a request to form a bond between the “pokers” bubble and your own.

We all are a bubble products of our parents, friends and environments bubbles. They form us, shape us, colour us and inflate or deflate us to the balanced bubbles we hopefully are. That is why reading and travelling or good friends or a good movie may be good ways to get some power to your own bubble. Without inspiration any persons bubble eventually die. We need other people to appreciate our bubbles but the most iimportant is to to not get engulfed by other people’s bubbles and to get a skin tough enough to endure “bad” bubble pokers….and have the confidence enough to dare to get poked by the bubbles that are worth forming a relationship with – a normal or a special one. You need to select which bubble to hang out with or that bubble or gang of bubbles will eventually make you diminish or pop or be filled with the wrong gas or polluted air. Filled with the wrong gas – you will sing. Leading you to “pop”. If you rise too high – you will “pop” – because of the pressure in the higher atmosphere and your new demands on your protecting surface. When we grow up as small bubbles – people help us expand our bubbles but if we blindly believe and accept all air that is “pumped” into us with no balance…and too fast – we will “pop” or deflate – maybe not right then but later when there may be nothing or nobody to balance us – we need the tools to balance our own bubbles.

An “Olympic bubble” will get in trouble if they don’t prepare for the new pressure change once they reached the maximum of their bubble – they need other things pumping pressure once they reached their goal. Or the balance is tilted. That’s why many deflate after reaching success. The same thing happens when you damage your bubble’s air supply and what made your bubble work was the main supplier of air to keep the pressure up. It is therefore good to have a few different independent sources of energy/airs to your bubble to be able to always stay floating and balanced in case one of e the “wheels” stop working. A bubble needs a certain “bumpability” – which means it can take up more energy from other bubbles but still be OK and not burst. It will travel and see more dreams emanating from other bubbles due to that energy it picks up.

We all hate sticky bubbles – well some prey on them to get their own bubbles stronger as mentioned before but in normal healthy cases noone benefits from bubble stickyness. The sticky bubble gets to travel really little and without own control. It gains no new energies and will burst when the other host bubble burst.

Conglomerations of sticky bubbles and a HOST bubble with enormous ego (Bully bubbles) are the monsters of the bubble world. And generates bubblewars and tragic bubble accidents.

One individual bubble can escape from a bully conglomerated bubbleformation by higher altitude and faster pace. All that extra dead weight on that Bully host will make them burst eventually.

To ignore, to fly higher, faster, to focus on inner power and to nurture your own dream(ss) inside your own bubble is what will make you totally safe from other negative bubbles – formations or not. Eventually you will one day fly side by side at the same altitude to attract another bubble flying your way…..suiting YOU.

Those who help you get your air speed are your friends, they bump you in the right direction when needed, praise and mirror your shine and teach and learn something from and to you- along the way.

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