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Excess is the root of all evil.

Science is good as long as it brings result that are measurable and improving peoples lives and so is Religion. But when science and religion becomes their own science and religion for the sake of it, things get out of hand. The motivation for both must be in the roots of humanity and in the roots of pragmatism and that statement goes for a row of other subjects, perhaps even ALL subjects. People spend billions of dollars on this worship to uselessness. Excess is a sin! In all forms. A sin to humanity first of all.


There are enough grown-ups in the world. So there is no hurry for another one – take your time!

Sow your flower seeds

I conclude that nothing is more important than self confidence, positive attitude, motivation and ambition. The rest comes by itself. Skills, talents, experiences, preparation, luck, funds, friends, happiness, family, health, great hair (for example), a lovely smile, a great inner energy in your eyes etc, are all flowers of these four seeds. To simplify even further: Self Confidence=>Ambition=>Motivation=>Work=>Results=> And the rest of the flowers ray out from this core. Self confidence is the one great thing you can give a child – and s/he will get all other things.

(Robert S. Hedlerfog, 2012/03)



Mind boggling concepts

What a mindboggling concept for people in the past that the Earth is round, hopefully way more mindboggling than the fact that people should not be discriminated because of color, race, religion, class or sexuality. And yet here we are, still having trouble to comprehend the easier obvious while easily accepting the harder unobvious.

(Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog – 2012/03)

~Every friend~

Every friend, is the gateway to at least one new world. Make sure you welcome that world and if so appreciate the friendship that gave you this world.



Writer Philosophy

Professionally driven to catch the core sentiments & correct tone in any context.

Through a well researched, clear and imaginative mind and connected heart document/describe that company, individual, concept, special moment, event, feeling, situation, product, translation in the best way and needed form to reach planned and desired effects.

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