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Old things

People always long to something new. But what is that worth if you cannot appreciate the old. Who knows how to appreciate the old? Don’t get new things until you know how to love the old things.

Feng Shui 1 – first change – Breakfast spot 1 (draft).

Feng Shui – the art of finding the solutions for harmony with your environment.

How to Feng Shui your spaces: What did I do? I decided to start with my breakfast area. It makes sense to go through each space you use during a day while you use it  and step by step  realize the problems and the way to improve the different spaces one by one. Also to create a harmony between the different spots so you easily can switch forth and back with least trouble and work. To save time and to improve the flexibility is one of the things of this theory (It has many names, and has existed in many forms).  Use your own common sense and your own applications on the basic ideas. That is the way to get the ideal situation for you.

I will go over each space in turns and improve each at each turn. Let me know what you do after reading this!

This was the first change round for my breakfast area.  I got two breakfast areas. One is the  “early spot”, like 7-8 am nd that space I choose because the sun light or the strongest daylight rays  comes through from the east and lits up my breakfast space. And I get the enjoy that light with my breakfast a few hours. That way I get light therapy for as long as I have breakfast which feels really pleasant and make me wake up in a nice natural way without coffee etc as the main stimulant. I wasnt happy with my light at my breakfast area. It is also my afternoon nap area, where I like to read because there is a sofa I can stretch on. So I decided to fix my breakfast table first. Clean any irrelevant stuff. To make my eyes and my body feel calm and not nervous by any excess mess or things that does not make logical  OR sound sense or have a natural flow with the things I  do at breakfast time and the rest of the objects close by.

I also use this space in the afternoon but then I dont sit, I rest on the couch and read and listen to music and get a massage  through a massage pad under the sofa. Things I did:

1. I made sure there was music through my iPhone to a good set of speakers – Make music and news  available). I made sure there was radio available, because it is nice to enjoy the radio in this spot, because you can eat or rest and still be able to enjoy the radio in an undisturbed stressed way. Internet and TV do not give you those possibilities .

2. I made sure the cables and stuff by the coach were more sensible wired and could be hide away, so they didnt collect dust and were easier to vacuum.  Since this is the resting space the air has to be as clean as possible. No dust heaps lurking in the dark attacking your lungs and nose!

3. I opened the windows in two ends of the apartment, so the air can come through most of  the place and make sure I breathe high quality air during the hours I am working from home or just at home. This should be done in an office too (but seldom is).

4. I made sure there is a nice halogen lamp with a nice shaded light for book reading .  It had  been placed a bit  disturbingly and I never bothered to move it around to a more optimal position. Now it is done. And it feels very good. Just this simple thing, increases my health and well being every day from now on instead of stealing energy away and inducing negative such. I always irritated myself earlier of its placement. Now I don’t. That is a very important part Feng Shui. No Hocus Pocus. Just very sound sense. That we seldom use even though we have it.

5. I made sure there is a warm blanket and a pillow for my back.  So that I can sit comfortably while I eat and still be able to reach the breakfast items and my cup of tea. I also have a place to heat my tea,  just through poring the tea in a clay pot and then warm it with heat candles. That way I can drink my tea in peace, not have to bother about it getting cold.

6. I placed things I care about. Like my Buddhist symbol, and an elephant reminding me about my origin and my indian family and roots and the things I learned about myself related to India and my travels there over the years. I placed a candle there in the middle, I chose a red one, because read is making my heart warm and my eyes enjoy more. I also put my books I want to read/read in one of the storage places under the table partly visible. And I placed notebooks and drawing pencils to be able to scribble while talking to people or listening to radio or music. Ideas tend to crawl out when you are in an environment like this and relax completely.Take that chance to be creative. Scribble down that positive energy manifesting into ideas. They are often very valuable for you and your goals.

7. I made sure my breakfast was all on a tray, in order to not make any mess on the table itself or the cloth on the table and quickly be able remove it all to the kitchen sink when I am done. Those things are tedious and to have to go 3-4 times forth and back is annoying when you can do it in a more efficient way. Well people might like to take the extra walks doing this, then thats OK for them. For me its not. I like to do tedious things as little as possible.

8. I also made sure the TV  remote now is placed at a good spot, where I always will keep it. In order to not have to look for it and to not spill some tea or juice on it.  Don’t you just hate when the remote is at one of the other 10 spots, when you are comfortably sitting back and enjoying the tea and suddenly realize there is something you want to see on tv or to change channel. Let it be at one spot and keep it there until there is another sport that is more convenient during the passing day. This principle goes for  most things. Rearrange, and make sure they are placed with thought. Then you can easier apprehend and learn why they should be at THAT spot and stick to it. Sense makes you more willing to obey rules and discipline.

9. Make sure your pet, has a chance to spend some time with you while you use this spot. This energy you omit, will be very good for your pet, and they will feel loved if they are included in your healing spot in the morning.  My cat got a pillow assigned and a special blanket that I fold away so I don’t get any hair on my clothes. That way she is within reach for me to cuddle her with one hand and having my tea and breakfast with the other one.

10. I made sure that my Phone can be connected to a wireless Bluetooth set or to speakers. Either way works and you can freely walk around in the room and talk or just look out on the sunset if you want. That make you more creative during work calls or friend talks. Nothing is worse when you feel restless and have to make important calls.

11. I have playlists stored for different modes. Today was classical Spanish guitar music – playing. It soothes my soul quite a bit. It all depends on moods. If you feel stressed already, then do calm down with some soft music…first. And vice verca…Prepare those playlists in your music collection. There are many ways to do this. Pick one and stick with that.

12. I also like to have my chewing gum for good teeth available (EXTRA etc) . Keep an extra pack. That way you will feel fresh at all times. I feel really unfresh if I dont brush my teeth or chew EXTRA gums straight after each meal.

13. Keep a bowl there, to collect some loose stuff. Those loose things will otherwise end up on the floor or mess up the space for you.  I keep things like a lighter, chewing gum and what not there to have it all handy but orderly.

14. Keep your phone handy. We all need it for so many things.  By having it, you will be able to feel that you dont really need to use it. If didnt have it handy, I would want to be all over it. Reversed psychology works!

15. Make sure your feets are covered. So often we all get colds because we keep some parts of our bodies exposed to draft. I prefer to sit in my hood jacket during breakfast. No cold air can sneak into my intimate zones and induce a bad cold.

16.  Before  I take breakfast, I  start up my computer so that I dont have to wait for it to boot to get going with some work.  I also enabled one-click start-ups and shut-downs.

17. Keep salt and toothpicks handy and covered.

I also mentioned another breakfast spot, where I eat late breakfast but its combined with my lunch spot which I will deal with in next part of this article.

























“The goodhearted and clever Pizzaman”

Once upon a time, there was a pizza baker in a little town. He came from another country and had brought with him the traditions of ancient gourmet pizza baking from his native country. The country where he lived now was not used to his food at first but now loved his delicious pizzas.

They even loved them so much that they forgot sometimes how to cook their own food. Most young people went to the pizza baker when they had nothing left in their food storages and they often went there with friends on weekends to have one.

Everything would be  good and great if not all the pizza customers started to get very lazy and come more and more often. And each time they arrived they got bigger and bigger. The pizza baker a goodhearted and non greedy man thought about this often. He couldnt sleep sometimes having nightmares of exploding customers who ate too much of his delicious pizzas.

The pizza man decided to try to fix this in some way, he could not live with being the source of their unhealth. He just wanted them to enjoy his pizzas and feel good in life. Not to be lazy and explode. And he did not want to loose his customers! And the mess of exploding customers was too much for him to clean.

So do you know what he did? I will tell you just have patience. Hang on.

Take a think about what you would do first…

Gave up already?

Well..he started to bake in a puzzle in each Pizza. And then he stored the answers to all the puzzles at different locations where you could only get by walking. At the top of a mountain for example. He telegraphed to a friend who lived in the lighthouse at the mountain to give these people the answers.

The Pizza man had many friends who lived in different locations. One was living on an island and you needed to row there. One other friend lived in a tree, and you had to climb there.  And so on for almost 100 friends in the town.

Then he wrote on a big sign:  “Anyone who has the answers to their last  pizza problem will get their next pizza for free.”

And then he waited for the results. What do you think happened?

Well the clever good hearted Pizzaman was right. The customers would now quite often buy a “puzzle pizza” just to be able to get one for free. But the puzzles were hard so either the customer didnt go back to the Pizza man until they finished the puzzle of they would take a hike to the location with the answer.

And that way they would meet new friends and get fresh air and have the chance to eat Pizzas without getting too fat and explode.

And another good thing was that the Pizza man now got letters and packages from his far away friends. Whenever a pizza customer was there on visit to get an answer they would get something to carry back to the Pizzaman.

So everyone was happy and the goodhearted Pizza man could sleep well again, now that his customers were happy and fit and well exercised in both mind and body before they came to eat again.

The End.

Robert S. Hedlerfog








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